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The Event Lady
Retired Bridal and Quince Planner & Notary. Current Wedding Blogger for Favor Industry

For the Florida Bride:

The Event Lady is a retired Florida Special Event Planner and Wedding Notary, Master of Ceremonies, a past quinceanera pageant producer, and bridal and quince magazine editor and publisher.

She is an special events industry blogger and very active on social media, making her a useful resource for the Florida brides and grooms, as well as for other vendors in her beloved wedding trade.

The Event Lady enjoys sharing useful information on party resources, and many of her professional colleagues in this wonderful special event industry. Her quinceañera blog publications are useful to this specific niche market as well. 


For Florida Wedding and Quince Vendors:

After all these years of experience in her field, as a social event planner, master of ceremonies, coordinator for the day, occasional writing services for local publications, plus being her own webmaster, show producer, Quince pageant founder, and social media manager for her own company, Isabel Albuerne has learned the tools needed to build a business and a brand name.

Albuerne now offers her expertise for hire to others in her own trade. The Event Lady is available to share her knowledge to those who begin this wonderful wedding or quince planner trade career, and need some guidance and help branding, and placing their name and their company on the web.

Isabel Albuerne aka The Event Lady also offers freelance writing services for other magazine or newspaper publications and paid content material for other blogs. In addition, she is the perfect person for your social media business management needs.

If you are very busy out on the field, and very active in the special event industry today...If you cannot sit at the computer all day, then let The Event Lady take charge of the keyboard for your business!


The Event Lady has been a Florida special event planner and wedding officiant for over 30 years. These years have taught her much about the needs of the consumers, as well as the needs of the wedding professionals that make these wonderful events happen. Her hands on, (over 30 years of experience), make her the perfect person to publish this wedding blog and resource guide. The Event Lady is now retired from active planning, and enjoys freelance writing about all she loves! 

Isabel Albuerne
Florida Wedding and Quince Expert
About The Event Lady
Editor and Publisher
Isabel Albuerne, "The Event Lady", began her South Florida Event Planner and Wedding Consultant career in 1985. The Event Lady initiated in the special event industry with her first Miami based company, “The Wedding and Party Corner, Inc.” She planned hundreds of elegant weddings, produced several bridal shows, and coordinated beautiful quince celebrations on the East Coast in Miami, Florida. In 2002 she brought her expertise and creativity to the West Coast of Florida, where she reorganized her company in Naples, under the name Florida Weddings and Special Events, Inc. Once more she dedicated herself to the planning of romantic sunset beach weddings and splendid sweet fifteen celebrations for years. Naples and Ft. Myers weddings and quince continued to be "The Event Lady's specialty!

In 2005,  “The Event Lady” decided to share her knowledge with brides and quinceañeras in Florida by launching the first, bilingual quince and bridal print magazine of SW Florida's Naples-Fort Myers area. It was exclusively designed for the diverse wedding and quinceañera market of these communities. This wedding and quince resource-directory guide, offered valuable information and resources in print. The first quarterly magazine print publication printed in from 2006 till 2009; a total of ten issues, which now can be seen in this website's Magazine Archive section.
In 2009 she decided to continue her editing job, by writing and publishing to her new bridal and quince blog which can be seen on this. 2010 marked the beginning of a new venture, Miss Florida Quince Pageant and Expo in association with Somos Magazine, another Florida Hispanic owned publication. In
2011 she began a strong social media campaign, making her a trendsetter in her wedding industry with her Florida Wedding and Quince Blog style Magazine. She runs a very visible wedding and quince portal, that continues to dedicate it's content on new ideas and ways to assist in the planning of weddings and quinceanera events for all the Florida brides and quince girls wanting local resources all over the Sunshine State. The Event Lady retired from active event planning in 2012.

The Event Lady of Florida is still a very strong internet presence on the Web. She proudly brings to her blog, useful bridal and quince resources for her brides and quinceaneras. These reputable service providers and industry leaders may provide information to satisfy a a much needed supply and demand in the special event market today.
Besides running her blog and publishing press releases for the bridal market, "The Event Lady" continues to actively network with many industry professionals in Florida. She is a retired wedding planner and wedding officiant, who now shares her knowledge via the web on social media, and offers freelance writing services and social media management services to others in her field.
In her spare time, she has added a new section to her blog -honeymoon travel writing - which she enjoys greatly.
Albuerne loves to write. Presently in 2014, she enjoys composing wording for romantic and personalized wedding ceremonies, and in addition offers freelance writing services on her favorite subjects: unique special events, romantic travel locations and fun entertainment ideas.

The Event Lady has been the professional of choice
 in many Florida events. She organized many receptions in Miami South Beach, Naples, Marco Island, Ft. Myers, Estero, Bonita Beach, Cape Coral, Punta Gorda, Port Charlotte, Sanibel or Captiva Islands, these will be unforgettable. The Event Lady believes all of South Florida is a magical wedding destination. She shares a strong passion for the special event industry... the popular Hispanic Cultural Quinceañera celebrations, and a genuine desire to share resources for brides, quinceañeras and any consumer that needs to plan the most incredible festivities in Florida.

One of Our Tropical Florida Weddings
A Happy Wedding Couple at The Naples Grand Resort

The Event Lady of Florida Weddings and Special Events Magazine was the first bilingual wedding and quince magazine editor and publisher of the SW Florida area, within the cities of Naples, Marco Island, Estero, Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Lehigh Acres, Punta Gorda, and Port Charlotte.
She publishes this useful Florida Wedding and Quince Vendor Resource Guide along with her blog-style magazine pages.

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The Event Lady of Florida Weddings and Special Events Magazine is available for industry speaking engagements at bridal or quinceañera shows and expos. We specialize in South and SW Florida Wedding and Quince Celebrations.


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