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Design Your Wedding Band On-Line with Zales

Shopping on-line is the ultimate comfort for everyone, the bridal market included. The Internet offers so many diverse products for brides and grooms that it has become a multi million dollar industry on the Web.

Zales Jewelers, established in the jewelry and diamond retail business since 1924, has jumped on the Internet wedding band wagon, and decided to ad a Design Your Ring-On-Line Feature to their Web site presence.

They have developed the "Prestige Diamond Collection", a new twist on engagement rings, and wedding bands, which can be designed by the bridal couple from the comfort of their laptops. This jeweler can offer over 30,000 certified sparkling stones.
Talk about easy shopping... "The Even Lady" has even found them on Twitter, Facebook and You Tube.

Wedding couples can now sit together in the comfort of their homes and design the rings they will wear for the rest of their lives, without leaving home!


In addition to this Shop-on-Line and Design Service, they also offer added features such as:
1. If you already have the diamond, they offer over 170 setting styles to choose from.
2. If you already have the setting from an heirloom ring, they can provide the diamond.

Zales main web site offers, payment options, payment plans and even a Diamond Education Page.

Now I say, these are pretty good reasons to Visit them at:

To read a full article on Zales Jewelers in our past issue of Florida Weddings and Special Events Magazine, Click Here and Browse thru the pages of our magazine articles. 

Happy Engagement Ring Shopping!
The Event Lady

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Coastal Georgia, Wedding Island Bliss

A destination wedding in today’s world can mean different things, to different people. This vacation experience can be planned out to take place in a fancy resort with a penthouse view to the beach, a lavish European vacation honeymoon trip, or better still, (as far as I am concerned), on a cozy private island, all on your own; leaving watches behind, and letting time stand still.

internetads/EagleIslandDockDarienGeorgia.JPG  internetads/OnEagleIslandTimeStandsStill.JPG

There are some factors that will affect the decision of your wedding location or your honeymoon vacation choices of course; these range from personal taste, present state of mind, changing trends in wedding destinations, fads, the economy, to maybe just a simple need to return to the things that really count in life … the sharing of special times and love with family and friends. 

"I have days in which I prefer the crowded, yet exciting island of Manhattan, and other days, in which I desire total peace, amongst those I love best, in the privacy of my own little quiet space."

internetads/EagleIslandBirdsinFlight.JPG  internetads/EagleIslandSunset.JPG

As a wedding planner living in Florida, I have found myself drifting to the last option of attaining that "State of Peace" when I take vacations, or suggest a wedding destination to my bridal couples. It is with great pleasure, that I share my personal experience of a visit to a romantic and serene wedding island where "you decide, how much, or how little, you want to do." An ideal setting, offering a great combination of relaxation and fun; and one that takes you back to basics, with plenty of comfort, a dash of luxury and above all a ton of privacy.

“Private Islands of Georgia” is The Event Lady’s choice for the week, on the Travel Tuesday’s Blog.  As far as economy goes, the rates are incredible, as far as things we will remember and treasure, this island get-away will remain in your hearts and minds forever; "I know it is in mine."

internetads/EagleIslandDock.JPG  internetads/EagleIslanddocklateafternoom.JPG
Our sister State of Georgia offers nature loving Floridians like me, a 100 miles of coastline with many jeweled treasures to explore. It is easily accessible by car as well, making it an easy choice for a wedding anniversary or a family vacation. This can be a fairly inexpensive trip out of our own State.

My recent travels took me to a particular back barrier island property, located right off the Darien River. This incredible place is called “Eagle Island” as it was named by it's owner Andy Hill, (a spirited explorer, dreamer, and resourceful business man), who now offers vacationers, their very own Georgia private island.

"Captain Hill" as all the locals know him, has created a hidden paradise for those who seek non-material ways to renew their souls during their travels.  He cleared away 10 acres of land in this untamed nature refuge, and from scratch, custom built, a two story, 3,343 square feet lodge with all the comforts you could possibly ask for, (without compromising the pristine wildlife experience of course)... which is what the island is all about. 

internetads/EntrancetoEagleIsland.JPG internetads/EagleIslandArchforWeddings.JPG
Upon arrival at the dock, you head down a path decorated with nature’s own gifts, and at the end, you are suddenly greeted by a lovely driftwood arch; one which many of us bridal planners would kill to own.  As you continue, some tiki torches mark the rest of way, just perfectly positioned in the right place, to create a rustic bridal wedding aisle. Finally… the towering lodge emerges, and if your arrival is during the sunset hours, you see a red-orange, glow surrounding the home.

internetads/TheLodgeEagleIsland.JPG  internetads/EagleIslandfirepit.JPG

Captain Hill has equipped his island-lodge with everything you will need to make you feel right at home; It has a complete, ample kitchen, with an adjacent living and dining area; there are books, a warm fireplace, a ping-pong table on the lower level, bunk beds for the kids, cozy bedrooms for the grown-ups, (the lodge can accommodate ten persons comfortably), modern bathrooms, plush, terry robes, a semi-private loft overlooking the main living space, and even a great, big fire-ring, within close range of the house, which is a must for roasting marshmallows, and telling ghost stories in the late evening hours.

internetads/CaptainAndyHillEagleIsland.JPG  internetads/EagleIslandVegetablesforLowCountryBoil.JPG

This property is gracefully appointed with the quaintness that only a true lover of nature could transfer unto a place he really loves. Andy has achieved to convey the harmony and tranquility that his magic lodge bring forth within it's walls. This is a vacation place that will melt your tensions away and awaken your  senses. Your only job on this wedding honeymoon trip is to pack your travel gear and leave the world behind.

Word of warning... this is a totally a personal choice; you must decide if you will bring your laptop and cell; (next time… I plan not to.) There is Direct TV as well, for those of you who "dare not" explore the many fulfilling ways mother-nature intended for us to entertain ourselves.  For those of you "who can only enjoy nature in small doses", the main land is only a short trip away by boatand famous St. Simon, and Jekyll Island are also close by.

internetads/AndyHillOysterBakeandTheEventLady.JPG  internetads/EagleIslandBakedOysterAndyHillStyle.JPG
You can bring your favorite foods or arrange to have them delivered by Skippers Fish Camp Restaurant, which is right on the Darien Dock. You can cook your very own favorite gourmet dishes, or nibble on cheese and wine all day. I had the distinct pleasure one night, of tasting something Southerners call “Cajun Low Country Boil”, (A Good Old Vegetable, Potato Medley with Sausage and Shrimp, all spiced up!), but the culminating meal for me, was the delicious treat of Andy Hill's Oyster Bake, another special recipe of course; this one with a secret touch!

Captain Hill taught me to chuck oysters that evening... something this old Cuban girl had never done before... believe it or not!

internetads/TheEventLadyatEagleIslandChuckingOysters.JPG  internetads/EagleIslandOysters.JPG
The hot Jacuzzi on the second floor porch comes with it's own outdoor fireplace, and is the perfect ending to any night, while the private fishing dock is there to help you greet your lazy mornings. Everything you need to fish is available, and at your fingertips, from the fishing poles, the bait, ice, to the Blue Crab traps, for when they are in season. A private boat rental is also at your disposal for an additional charge, should you choose to explore down the river a bit on your own. Captain Hill will enlighten you with his expert boating short-course, back barrier island lesson, and useful tips.  Besides boating … Kayaking is also available for the adventurous, (that would be me, ha-ha.)

Just ask Danny Grissette of Altamaha Coastal Tours, who was kind enough to help me get in that contraption they call a kayak; I made it.. I am here!

internetads/theeventladyatEagleIsland.JPG internetads/EagleIslandCaptainAndyHillwithBlueLobsterTrap.JPG
This unique Lover’s Nest even has an outdoor, his- and –hers combo shower; (Shhhh....I tried it out, late one evening, under the silvery moonlight.)

You will find a comfy hammock awaits you on the wrap around, screened porch, complete with a view to an active eagle’s nest, (the reason for  the island’s name, obviously.)

internetads/EagleIslandbedroom.JPG  internetads/EagleIslandsuite.JPG

Captain Andy Hill is a fountain of knowledge, his stories of days gone-by in old Georgia, will bring you back to the times of the historic plantations, and the smell of the fresh cut lumber which  sometimes was seen floating down the river.  Listening to his tales, sure taught an old Spanish girl like me, plenty about the Old South.

internetads/EagleIslandPorch.JPG internetads/EagleIslandTheEventLadyatFireplace.JPG

This secluded “5 Moon Resort” which is what Captain Andy calls his island, (opting for the moon instead of the traditional 5 stars),  offers a unique place to hold an all girl’s bridal shower, a guy’s bachelor party or fishing reunion, a private and romantic wedding ceremony accompanied by an unforgettable wedding reception Georgia style; while later staying to spend the ultimate honeymoon and stress-free, vacation; just you and your loved one! Remember, all special arrangements can be made with the assistance of a good event coordinator.

What a great concept... an island at the reach of not only the rich and famous, but some of us light-pocketed, galloping souls as well.

Eagle Island is a perfect place to re-kindle old friendships, reminisce of the single life being left behind, rejoice at the beginning of exciting new chapters, and enjoy total bridal bliss.

“Private Islands of Georgia” will embrace just the two of you in utter seclusion; this is truly a place to build memories that will last a lifetime.

I was privileged to visit Private Islands of Georgia … today, I share my wonderful experiences on this blog article, (since its way too long to be called a post.) Please come back soon, I have many other tales reserved for another Travel Tuesday's Blog, straight from this pretty land of Georgia.

For now…I think my pictures will help create that "I want to really go there mood."

For Further Information Contact: 912.222.0801
Or Visit:

Happy Wedding and Honeymoon Planning!
The Event Lady

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Pantone Colors Brighten Dessy Gowns Palette

Just about anyone with a background in art, photography, design or any creative endeavor has heard of the Pantone Color Wheel. It is used to achieve exact matches when using color in any project. The Event Lady would like to share the latest news in this bright world of hues .... now the bridal and quince industry can benefit from this resource as well. Pantone and The Dessy Group have united forces and bring us a great way to help select a gown that will compliment and pull together your reception party's look. This tool will not only serve in your gown's color selection, but in your overall theme planning tasks.

The Dessy Group was founded in 1939 by Margot Rosenthalis who launched a line of bridal veils and headpieces back then; today this company has evolved into one of the leading manufacturers of bridesmaid dresses, social occasion dresses, flower girl dresses and destination wedding gowns under the labels Dessy Collection, After Six, Alfred Sung, Lela Rose Bridesmaid and Sandals Destination Wedding Dresses.


In this gown fashion industry, being a leader requires constant change, growth and innovative ideas, therefore Dessy just keeps pressing on. They have developed a great new tool for color selection of your evening, bridesmaids or quinceañera gowns. It is called PANTONE WEDDING™ exclusively from Dessy.


The Pantone Wedding system color tool, includes paper swatch cards which are available this fall with a complete range of colors, these 8 ½-by-11 inch full- size paper swatch cards can be cut into 14 individual swatches and will be available in over 200 PANTONE WEDDING Colors for the Spring 2010 season.


These paper swatch cards are available at for U.S. $10.
A special bundle price will also be available, offering full size paper swatches with Dessy fabric swatches. Individual fabric swatches are available in 6-by-6 inch swatches or by the ½ yard and range in price from $15 to $40.

This innovative and creative Pantone tool is offered by Dessy for brides and quince girls to visualize and communicate to their special event planning vendors, the exact colors they want in their bridal or quince celebration theme; from the court's attire to their tabletop fashions and flowers; it is definitely a must for today's special events.

Happy Pantone-Dessy Color Picking,
The Event Lady

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